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We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care. We are dedicated to excellence, compassion and innovation in medicine.

  • General Practice

    A General Practitioner manages types of illness that present in an undifferentiated way at an early stage of development, which may require urgent intervention.

    The holistic approach of general practice aims to take into consideration the biological, psychological and social factors relevant to the care of each patient's illness. With our experienced and patient centered practitioners, Angel Wings Medical Center caters a wide range of services with quality care everyone deserves.

    Our Range of General Practice Services Includes

    • Consultation of Patients pertaining to the Broad Clinical Departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Eye and Orthopedics.

    • Attending minor injuries and trauma at work place and management of the same by suturing or appropriate remedial measures.

    • Rendering treatment for patients with Dehydration, Heat affected conditions, Abdominal Colics of diverse origin and Gastrointestinal diseases.

    • Referral of patients (Post-consultation) to other specialities depending on the indications.

    • Making instant diagnosis of Cardiac conditions (based on ECG findings) and subsequent referral to Tertiary Hospitals depending on the urgency and indication.

    • General and Preventive Health Check-Up(s) of adult patients from General Population or from Corporate Companies for routine or pre-employment health check

    • Dressing of chronic superficial conditions of patients like ulcer, old sores, diabetic afflictions, non-healing wounds and post-operative wound care.

    • Advising patients with Chronic Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension  and Dyslipidemias for periodic Blood and Urine Investigations and referral to specialist if warranted and their proper follow-up.

    • Recommendation of patients for Lab and Radiology Investigations according to the case requirement.

    • All forms of Medical Counseling for Clients attending the Clinic along with the clinical consultation

  • Fast Track Appointments

    If you need a doctor appointment on priority basis, call our customer service staff to get a fast track appointment.
  • Wellness Packages

    Here at Angel Wings Medical Center we offer Wellness packages tailored for all age groups for Preventive Health
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