When and how I can feed my Newborn Baby ?

Basics of Feeding Newborn Baby 

The well newborn baby has enough caloric stores till 1-3 days but may needs fluid earlier, so don’t worry, but:

  • You should start breast feeding as soon as you can, it is the best ever baby nutrition.
  • If suspected delay or in hot weather you can start formula milk within the 1st day to avoid dehydration.
  • Any other types of milk e.g. cow’s milk or any fluid other than sterile plain water are contraindicated.

Amount and Frequency:

In the first few days of life even till 14 days the baby sleeps much and doesn’t feel hungry, so you should try to awaken him every 2-3 hours for feed any amount… at least 8-10 times/24h.

Method of Feeding:

Position at breast level, the baby in semi sitting posture with his mouth wide open and directly facing the breast, covering most of the areola (the dark pigmented portion around the nipple), and you can see he is suckling with swallowing.

  • Start with the breast that previous feeding ended with.
  • If there is extra / residual milk, or feel breast is still full, you should Pump frequently and keep the milk you may need it for 3-7 days in a refrigerator; or freezer for 3 months. When you want to use it then thaw or warm under warm, running water. Warmed breast milk must be used within 1 hour.

Formula Feeding:

  • Follow formula label directions or better physician’s suggestion for formula.
  • Wash bottles, nipples in hot, soapy water.
  • Heat under warm water until formula is at room temperature, you should test a drop on your hand to avoid hotness.
  • Burp after every ounce initially and then after every 1-2 ounces as baby grows.
  • Use mixed formula within 12-24 hours (store in refrigerator).
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