• Homeopathy is complementary system of Medicine founded my Dr Samuel Hahneman, a German Physicist in the year 1796.It is based on the primary principle of “Simila similimbus Curanteur” which means “Like Curing Like “.
  • It is a Science with Holistic Approach of Healing i.e  It is regarded in Homeopathy that all the bodily functions, physical endurance, mind , emotions  are all interconnected and  work in tandem with each other in the “Healthy” state. Any aberration in the normal functioning of any oneof these will result in disharmony of this balance and hence “disease”.
  • So the main objective of your Homeopathic Physician is to restore this imbalance which is attained by prescribing medicine that helps to fight diseases by enhancing the body’s natural immune system to heal itself and assisting the body’s normal feedback mechanism to return to a healthy level. Thus making the Homeopathic approach safe and free from any long term side effect.
  • The medicines are dispensed either in small Pellet/Globule form or liquids e.g tincture form which makes it more palatable especially for young kids.
  • Homeopathy can be used for treatment of acute as well as chronic illnesses. Its increasing popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are safe, free from potential side effects and thus can be used for infants, pregnant ladies , breast feeding mothers ,elderly patients.
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